classification DOC Collio

type Red

country Italy

region Friuli Venezia Giulia

province Gorizia

Vintage available 2016

Grape variety Merlot

Type of farming Cappuccina

Harvest Third week of september, by hand carefully, placed in truys


Removal of stalks from grapes. Left to ferment in 50 hl with 3 daily repasses for 8 days, gentle pressing.


Left to ferment in wooden casks for two years, removal of the lees, 3 repasses, filtered and sterilised bottling (01/03/2017).

Tasting notes

This wine has a lively ruby-red colour, a light and pleasant bouquet and a full-bodied, persistant taste with hints of almonds.
It goes well with rich first courses, red meat, stews and game.

Formats and packs

0,75l – 6 bottles

Descrizione organolettica

Formats and packs

0,75l – 6 bottles

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