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Tenuta Martinelli winery owned by the brothers Giuseppe, Fabio and Cristian located at the foot of Monte Orfano, is developed with owned vineyards among the towns of Cologne, Provaglio d’Iseo and Passirano, in the province of Brescia, in Franciacorta area.

Monte Orfano is a pre-Alpine hill located on the southwestern edge of Franciacorta, it is the only hill of marine origin of the Miocene age in the Po Valley.

Peculiar is the “Red Earth”, which confirms the presence of calcareous soils: this particular phenomenon is due to the mix of clayey soils and iron oxide; these favorable conditions, together with the minerality of the soil, make wines of this area unique.

Tenuta Martinelli wines have as a common feature the respect for biodiversity, which combined with the passion and experience of the owners and employees of the winery, makes the production a constantly developing adventure.

The projects include the Franciacorta D.O.C.G. “Benedetta Buizza” line: Brut and Satèn, dedicated to the memory of the Martinelli brothers’; mother.

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