Solicchiata, Contrada Montedolce-Etna

PROPRIETÀSalvatore Grasso


VITIGNI COLTIVATINerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio


The origin of this winery is really interesting. “Montedolce” is the name of an unactive crater, at the foot of which the winery is located, in the heart of Etna DOC region.
The area is situated at 850m above sea level, and it borders with Parco dell’Etna. This region is very particular, in fact it is subject to volcanic cinders, rich in mineral substances.
The soil is enriched by mineral substances, generated from the lava’s decomposition; furthermore the strong thermal excursion and the good ventilation can refresh the grapes during the hot summer season.
The property is about two hectares, where two indigenous grapes are cultivated: Nerello Mascalese, diffused since 1543, and Nerello Cappuccio. Thanls to the unique climate ad the regional morphology, the grapes give finesse, longevity and harmony to the wine.

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