Chiurazzi Soft Drinks from Salento | Premium Wine Selection


For over 125 years, Chiurazzi brand is on the market of "soft drinks", resulting in Italy one of the oldest and most prestigious brands in the industry. In the early years of the century, in addition to ice distribution, the company begins to produce gasses, gaining immediate success, with a recipe which is still strictly used and kept secret. This recipe allows Euro Donna S.r.l to become one of the largest beverage producers in Italy and the first in Puglia. The recipe uniqueness, its secrecy, the highest quality of raw materials, give the brand Chiurazzi the vintage and nostalgic charm of a product that preserves traditions and gives its hand to a rich future of novelty. Since 1890 in Salento, where the company was founded, Chiurazzi represents a true local institution that embraces generations of generations and makes the brand and its Gassosa pleasures both for promiscuous consumers and tourists who desire to enter the culinary traditions of this magic land. The quality of the ingredients, simple and natural, mixed with the right doses, create soft drinks which, at first taste, conquer the consumer. The complete manufacturing process, from the beverage preparation to the packing, involves the skilled hands of Chiurazzi collaborators who sign the products and allow Chiurazzi to become over the years a symbol of excellence and craftsmanship.

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