Azienda Agricola Cò de Fer

PROPRIETÀRenata Solini


VITIGNI COLTIVATITrebbiano di Lugana


Gianbattista Scaramelli is the founder of the Cò de Fer winery. The winery takes its name from a railway bridge not far away which, in the Napoleonic era was called by French ‘Tête de Fer’ and nowadays in dialect Cò de Fer. The name encapsulates all the passion and affection for the Lugana wine and the land on which sustains it. It is situated in the north of Italy between the two provinces of Brescia and Verona, bordered by the communes of Sirmione, Lonato, Desenzano, Peschiera and Pozzolengo. Lugana vineyards thrive on clay soil of moraine origin, rich in mineral salts. The vines of trebbiano di Lugana (or turbiana, as they are called here) also benefit from the mild climatic conditions of the lake Garda, with the gentle breezes providing richness, juiciness and balance to the wine. By exploiting the happy environment of the vineyards and cellars of Pozzolengo, the Scaramellini family produces its wine with honesty and pride, maintaining its original and unique characteristics. A glass of Lugana Cò de Fer: simply happiness.


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Lugana Cò de Fer

Azienda Agricola Cò de Fer